100% Natural & Organic
Premium Coco Coir Grow Media

Coco Coir Medium

  • Coco coir is a versatile growing medium that has many benefits for all types of growers
  • Coco coir can be mixed with soil to help fix compaction and loosen the soil.
  • Coco coir makes has become essential for modern day gardening and Coconut husk chips also are widely used in horticultural applications
  • High & unique water holding capacity
  • Acceptable pH & EC
  • Excellent wettability, superior to peat.
  • Good drainage / aeration and less shrinkage.
  • Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply.
  • Retains physical properties longer.
  • Light weight and free from pests, weeds or diseases
  • Odorless and pleasant to handle
  • Natural and renewable resource
  • Biodegradable and easily decomposable.
  • Coco coir is 100% natural and organic growing medium, made from quality coconut husks.
  • Holds water 10 times of its volume and reduces frequency of watering.
  • Gets enough oxygen for aeration.
  • Easy to penetrate and free from fungus spores and bacteria.
  • Promotes strong root growth and plant vigor.
  • Absorbs water readily and re-wets easily, thus reducing the need for wetting agents.
  • Reduces watering frequency without plant stress, thereby reducing labor costs and minimizing plant loss.
  • Increases shelf life of plants.
  • Slow breakdown of material means product will not shrink during your growing cycle.
  • High water holding capacity while still maintaining excellent drainage and aeration.
  • Retains its quality for reuse.
  • Uniform in composition


Our coconut husks are from coconuts grown around river bed using sweet water, which has naturally low EC, stable pH and other qualities ideal for growing media.

Selected coconut husks are cleaned & then processed to separate coco fiber and coco peat/coco coir.

Extracted Coco fiber strings are cleaned, processed, quality checked and compressed for shipping.

Extracted Coco peat will be going through 5 stage process including sieving, cleaning, triple-washed, process and then quality checked.

The premium quality cleanest coco then compressed to make various coco products, packaged and shipped.


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Coirgro coco stands out from other coco with their superior quality and service

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