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Coco Grow Slab

Coirgro© Coco Grow Slab comes in various sizes ideal for 3 to 6 plants in a single slab. Every unique blends are tested in our R&D units for quality, aeration, drainage, porosity before we make it available in market for the growers. We have pre-tested blend with proven results for every crop and we also make any custom blend on request.

We have various quality of coco blend like unwashed, washed, buffered and nutrients charged, we work closely with the growers to understand, and supply based on their need within their budget. Our open top bag production followed by very strict quality control process to make sure, EC, pH and other micronutrients levels before it was packaged and shipped.



CannaBlend is unique blend which is the mixture of coco, chips and fiber with certain percentage and ensured the blend is consistent in each bag. This unique blend is clinically tested and proven to give the roots optimum porosity, aeration and water retention.


  • 100% natural and Organic
  • Holds water 8 to 10 times water of its volume
  • Stable pH from 5.5 to 6.5
  • Faster Drainage
  • Biodegradable medium, so easy disposable
  • Safe for the environment
  • Free from bacteria, fungus spores, and weed seeds
  • Saves nutrient
  • Saves money

Specifications & Availability

Grow Slab Dimensions Pieces/Case Volume
3 ft 40" x 6" x 5" 450 18 Liters
3 ft 40" x 6" x 4" 550 15 Liters
1.5 ft 20" x 6" x 5" 900 9 Liters
1.5 ft 20" x 6" x 4" 1100 7.5 Liters

* More sizes and customs sizes are available on request

EC 0.5 mS/cm (in 1:2 testing)
pH 5.8 to 6.5
Bag White PP, Catch Cover,Drain Hole
Blend Coco, Chips and Fiber
Palletized Yes

How to Hydrate the coco bags

To expand the grow slab you can either hydrate with plain water or with nutrients water until you see the runoff and no more expansion of the coco block. For automatic irrigation system you can time the irrigation to hydrate based on the below chart for reference.

Grow Slab Liters to hydrate
18 liters 8 to 8.5 liters (approx.)
15 liters 7.5 to 8 liters (approx.)
9 liters 5 to 5.5 liters (approx.)

* Other sizes please reach out to us if you need any guidance


  • All our coco bags are produced in RHP certified factory
  • OMRI Listed for organic use
  • Our company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified for manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Our Internal lab testing will check for EC, pH, moisture, impurities, consistency etc.
  • Our external lab testing will check for Heavy metals, Pesticides, Bacteria, fungus spores etc.
  • Each lot of raw material coco will be tested before production
  • Coco is buffered, triple-washed, low EC
  • Each bag will have unique batch code for tracking the QA
  • Consistency is checked and verified for each bag

Certificate of Analysis: Click here Sample Lab report: Click here