Why Coirgro

Quality of growing starts with growing medium and Coir is one of the best growing medium thanks to its growing friendly qualities. Coir growing medium is made from selected quality coconut husks and it is commonly known as Coco Peat, Coir pith, Coir dust and Coir fiber. Unique qualities like water holding capacity, pH levels, proper aeration, porosity, no weed seeds and free from fungus spores, bacteria etc., makes Coir a better growing medium.


There are various types of hydroponics and mostly growing without soil is referred as hydroponics. Growing medium plays very important role in hydroponics because it needs proper aeration and root support to channel water and nutrients faster. Since coir is light, airy type of growing medium that allows plenty of oxygen to penetrate the root system. Coir's pH level ranges from 5.8 to 6.8 which is close to neutral which is idle for this type of growing. Also it doesn't lose its properties over growing so it is re-usable.

Root Development

The quality of growing starts from the root and it is very important the growing medium is root friendly. Typical clay soil is very tightly packed and hard for root development, but coir growing medium helps loosen the soil for better root penetration. Coir can hold water 10 times of its volume helps feed the root for constant and rapid growth. Since coir growing medium is loosely packed roots get enough oxygen for faster development.

Seed Starting

Growing plants from the seed is a good thing, proper lighting and growing medium are essential factors for seed starting. The growing medium has to be very light and airy for the seed to grow into plant, soil medium is not ideal for seed starting. Coir medium is the best medium for seed starting because it is loosely packed so it is easy for penetration. Coir medium holds water 10 times of its volume which will keep the seed moist for growing.

Animal Bedding

Coco Peat animal bedding is 100% natural and made from selected quality of coconut husks. Coco Peat is a soft and cushion feel bedding that is ideal for most farm animals. Coir is also free from odors, fungus spores, bacteria and it does not attract any flies or other insects. Its moisture absorbing quality keeps the animal at its best comfort. The bedding layer is very easy to set and remove without picking up dust or sand particles.

Raised Bed Planting

Raised bed planting are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. Raised garden beds are open on the bottom which enables plant roots to access soil nutrients below ground level. Coir growing medium is ideal for these raised bed planting or elevated planting because it holds water 10 times more than typical soil. Since Coir medium is not tightly packed as typical clay soil it is easy for the plant roots to reach the soil underneath.

Sod Farming

The pH level is very important in any growing particularly in the sod farm. The color of the sod depends on the growing medium and its nutrients. Coir growing medium is perfect for greener sod because of its neutral pH levels with some micro nutrients. Also the growing medium should be free from weed seeds, bacteria and fungus spores. So coir medium ideal for growing Sod.