Why Coirgro

Quality of growing starts with growing medium and Coir is one of the best growing medium thanks to its growing friendly qualities. Coir growing medium is made from selected quality coconut husks and it is commonly known as Coco Peat, Coir pith, Coir dust and Coir fiber. Unique qualities like water holding capacity, pH levels, proper aeration, porosity, no weed seeds and free from fungus spores, bacteria etc., makes Coir a better growing medium.

We are coco manufacturing company located southern part of India, serving from Southern California, US . We are in the coco manufacturing industry for more than 3 decades, exports to countries all over the world . We are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company for our manufacturing and quality control process and OMRI listed for organic use . We have very high quality standard process when it comes to coco products production with very competitive pricing .

Our coco are from coconuts grown from river bed coconut using sweet water, which has naturally low salt with stable pH . Our quality process starts from source of the coconuts itself . Our coco goes through 5 stage cleaning and washing processes to meet our high quality standards . We test every batch to make sure it meets all our quality standard before it is shipped . We work closely with growers to understand and supply based on their need within their budget . We pre - test all our blends with every crop to get best results .

When it comes to coco, we make all innovative custom coco products to meet our customers need . So whatever your coco need is do let us know and we promise to deliver .

With Regards
Coirgro Team