Coirgro Plant Weed Protection Mat


Coirgro Weed Protection Mat is 100% natural and organic, made from selected coir fiber. This mat can be cut to fit the top of any pot and it helps to stop weeds growing in the pot. It is also helps protecting the pot soil from the fungus spores, pathogens and bacteria infestation.


  • 100% natural and Organic
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Protects from bacteria, fungus spores, weed seeds and pathogens
  • Controls the odor
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for the environment
  • Doesn't attract insects
  • Safe with pets

Ideal for

  • Weed protection on the pots
  • Indoor plants to control the odor from fungus
  • Keeps out the flies and insects

Quality & Specifications

  • 12 X 12 inch sheets
  • Pre-cut to fit 1 gal, 3 gal and 5 gal pots
  • Low EC
  • pH level from 5.8 to 6.8
  • Compression ratio 1:5

How to use

  • Measure the diameter of the pot and cut the sheet to fit around the stem on top of the pot.
  • Pre-cut ones are ready to use


Comes insheet and pre-cut in retail packing for resaleor in bulk for custom re-packing


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