COCO GROW BAG/SLAB – 1 ft, 2 ft, 3 ft & 4 ft


Coirgro growbag crafted carefully with growers in mind, every unique growbag blend are tested in our R&D units for quality, aeration, drainage, porosity before we make it available in market for the growers. We have pre-tested blend with proven results for every crop and we also make any custom blend on request.

We have various quality of coco growbag like unwashed, washed, buffered and nutrients charged, we work closely with the growers to understand and supply based on their need within their budget. Our growbag production followed by very strict quality control process to make sure, EC, pH and other micro nutrients levels before it was packaged and shipped.

Coco Substrate for



  • 100% natural and Organic
  • Holds water 8 to 10 times water of its volume
  • Stable pH from 5.5 to 6.5
  • Faster Drainage
  • Biodegradable, so easy disposable
  • Safe for the environment
  • Free from bacteria, fungus spores and weed seeds
  • Saves nutrient
  • Saves money

Quality & Specifications

  • 1ft, 2ft, 3ft & 4ft length with various height & width
  • OMRI Listed
  • UV treated with 400 GSM bags to sustain longer
  • Custom drain hole & plant hole
  • Low EC, Buffered & High EC
  • pH level from 5.8 to 6.8
  • Compression ratio 1:5
  • 100% Coco Coir or Chips blend
  • Faster expansion
  • Coco Slabs available without packaging